Topics of Interest on O2 Derm™ Silk and the Oxygen Solution

The Silky Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials are popular these days because oxygen and skin care go hand in hand. Professionals know that oxygen treatments to the skin can bring a glow your cheeks and a rejuvenation of skin tone.

Oxygen is known to be anti-inflammatory and stimulate both collagen production and the body’s natural healing properties.

When it comes to a smooth and silky oxygen application for your skin, O2 Derm™ Silk brings a new wrinkle to bringing life back to tired, irritated skin.

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A Suspension in a Solution

There is a patented difference between O2 Derm™ Silk and other, oxygen enriched products. Ours offers both a suspension and a solution of oxygen.

Think of a beer. Shake it, and all the carbon dioxide fizzes away. The molecular oxygen in O2 Derm™ Silk is more stable. Take a close look at our translucent gel. You’ll see little micro-bubbles of oxygen.

Even if you could shake the container hard enough to release all of those micro-bubbles, a test of the remaining gel would show oxygen levels at just about the same value. The oxygen is spread equally throughout the gel, with some in a true solution and oxygen the micro-bubbles in suspension.

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The Value of Nitrous Oxide

While it may sound like some manufactured chemical, nitrous oxide is naturally present in the atmosphere as part of the Earth’s nitrogen cycle. It was first discovered by the English chemist Joseph Priestley in 1772 and quickly became known for its anesthetic effects. You may have heard of it as “laughing gas.”

Similar to oxygen, nitrous oxide is dissolved and absorbed in the liquid portion of the gel. A portion of the visible micro-bubbles also contains this gas. Nitrous oxide is believed to be a topical analgesic that can enhance the healing effects of oxygen.

Most users report the almost immediate reduction of wrinkles. With repeated use of, O2 Derm™ Silk, aging spots have been reduced or eliminated.

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