O2 Derm™ Silk Testimonials

O2 Derm™ Silk gel is formulated to deliver molecular oxygen to the dermal layers of your skin. It is odorless, greaseless, and non-allergenic.

Beauty consultants and home users have reported using O2 Derm™ Silk for a wide variety of uses, including: dry skin, acne, skin blemishes, age spots, and wrinkles. Visit our FAQs page to learn more.

Customer Reviews

“I am very excited about this product. I am very fussy about natural ingredients and appreciate that this is very natural. After using it for a little more than 3 weeks, I noticed that my cuticles were no longer dry and peeling and my nails grew strong without breaking. I also have seen a great improvement on my neck and face. Much smoother, skin a little tighter, and smoother. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.”
-Linda Berkheiser, RN

“I am 13 and have suffered from persistent acne for 2 years. All the creams and pills that the dermatologist have given me, have never worked. After using the oxygen gel, my face totally cleared up after 2 days!!!”
-E. B., Pittsburgh

“After a week of using the O2 Derm™ Topical Gel I noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin. It was softer. The gel was not greasy like other products and was gentle enough to use on my face. It also seemed to retain my tan longer than other products that I have used primarily for that purpose. I would definitely recommend this gel for daily use and multiple times because of its clean feeling afterward as well as the softness of skin created by it. Great summer product!!!”
-Adrienne Marino

“I have been using this lotion for approximately one month. I use no other lotion any longer. My skin is very moist and never appears dry or flaky.”
-Beth Shank

“My initial thought was ‘How can a product with such simple ingredients help my skin?’ I quickly experienced the healing results of such pure and natural ingredients. My hands and elbows became smoother. It also helped get my feet into sandal-ready condition.”
-Marcy Karase